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Collaborative poem-painting inspired by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy

Painting as a Nonprofessional Experiment (2014, latex on canvas, 8 by 6 feet) is a painting by Heather Bause that revises a poem by Raphael Rubinstein that itself is a slightly edited (“poem” replacing “band”) transcription of an interview with James Murphy about his band LCD Soundsystem.

Painting (not Poetry)_small reproduction printing image copy



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Selected Writing

New York/Memoir:

Bartleby on Carmine Street (The Brooklyn Rail, July-August, 2016)


Missing Footage (The White Review, London, September, 2014)


Provisional Painting (Art in America, May 2009)
To Rest Lightly on the Earth, Provisional Painting Part 2 (Art in America, February 2012)

Catalogue Essays:

Jonathan Lasker: Signs of Experience (Cheim and Read, New York, 2015)

Pat Steir: Essay for Two Voices (Cheim and Read, New York, 2014)

Charles Long: In the Name of the Artist (Jarla Partilager, Berlin, 2013)


Theory and Matter (Art in America, September, 20014)

The Painting Undone (Art in America, November 1991; excerpted by in 2004 from Polychrome Profusion)


Reconsidering Julian Schnabel (Art in America, March 2011)

Art & Music:

on Raymond Pettibon’s flyers and ‘zines (Art in America, December 2008)

Art & Literature:

On Gertrude Stein and Portraiture (Pulitzer Foundation/The Poetry Foundation, 2006)

On Art Criticism:

“A Quiet Crisis” (Art in America, March 2003)

Essays on Writing:

A Brief History of Appropriative Writing (American Poetry Review , March/April 1999/Ubuweb)

The Ethics of Appropriative Writing (Ubuweb)


The Poet of Geometry: A Venetian Tale and accompanying watercolors by Luigi Ferrari (The Sienese Shredder, #2, 2008)

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