Selected Writing

New York/Memoir:

Bartleby on Carmine Street (The Brooklyn Rail, July-August, 2016)


Missing Footage (The White Review, London, September, 2014)


Provisional Painting (Art in America, May 2009)
To Rest Lightly on the Earth, Provisional Painting Part 2 (Art in America, February 2012)

Catalogue Essays:

Jonathan Lasker: Signs of Experience (Cheim and Read, New York, 2015)

Pat Steir: Essay for Two Voices (Cheim and Read, New York, 2014)

Charles Long: In the Name of the Artist (Jarla Partilager, Berlin, 2013)


Theory and Matter (Art in America, September, 20014)

The Painting Undone (Art in America, November 1991; excerpted by in 2004 from Polychrome Profusion)


Reconsidering Julian Schnabel (Art in America, March 2011)

Art & Music:

on Raymond Pettibon’s flyers and ‘zines (Art in America, December 2008)

Art & Literature:

On Gertrude Stein and Portraiture (Pulitzer Foundation/The Poetry Foundation, 2006)

On Art Criticism:

“A Quiet Crisis” (Art in America, March 2003)

Essays on Writing:

A Brief History of Appropriative Writing (American Poetry Review , March/April 1999/Ubuweb)

The Ethics of Appropriative Writing (Ubuweb)


The Poet of Geometry: A Venetian Tale and accompanying watercolors by Luigi Ferrari (The Sienese Shredder, #2, 2008)

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  1. Kevin K says:

    Thank you for your very in-depth and personal look at the enigmatic Edouard (Yves) de Laurot.

    By the way, some of the famous lost footage you mentioned was just recovered by Cinemateque Paris (with the help of Nicole Brenez, Jonas Mekas, and Robert Lund) and are now at Anthology Film Archives. I saw an initial screening, and there was indeed some footage of actors dressed up as soldiers, including very young kids, in what seemed like a jungle setting . . .

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